Become a Reviewer

Volunteer as a Peer Reviewer of IJT

Expert peer review ensures the integrity and quality of all research published in International Journal of Toxicology (IJT) articles. IJT is seeking expert peer reviewers to contribute timely reviews of submissions.

To express interest in serving as a peer reviewer for IJT, please complete and submit the application form. IJT Editor Mary Beth Genter will contact candidates whose qualifications match the needs of the journal.

Peer Review Resources

SAGE Publishing has developed a free webinar on “How to Be a Peer Reviewer” during which a panel of experts, including IJT Editor Mary Beth Genter, provide guidance for those interested in becoming a peer reviewer. This webinar offers information on entering the world of peer review, how to review a manuscript, how to meet journal editors’ expectations, and ethics in peer review. Those interested in serving as a peer reviewer are encouraged to view this webinar to prepare for the process.

In addition to this webinar, IJT Editor Mary Beth Genter has also developed tips and suggestions for how to review a manuscript that serve as a valuable resource for first-time peer reviewers.