History of ACT

ACT Historical “Firsts”

ACT was founded in 1977 by a small group of toxicologists with the intent of creating an organization that was inclusive of all disciplines in toxicology and has grown to a robust organization with more than 1,000 members. Below is a timeline marking the first year of key milestones in ACT history.

  • 1977

    ACT incorporated
  • 1979

    Annual Meeting
  • 1980

    “Workshop on Reproductive Toxicology”
  • 1981

    Membership Directory — 658 members
  • 1982

    Journal of the American College of Toxicology
  • 1986

    Furst Award
  • 1989

    10th Annual Meeting — 300+ attendees
  • 1994

    Awards Ceremony
  • 1995

    Distinguished Service Award (current Distinguished Scientist Award in Toxicology)
  • 1996

    International Journal of Toxicology
  • 1999

    Best Paper in IJT Award

    ACT joins IUTOX
  • 2001

    Lifetime Contribution Award (current Service Award)
  • 2003

    Jazzicology performance
  • 2004

    “Pathology for Nonpathologists” course co-hosted with STP
  • 2010

    “Study Director Training Course” in China

    Young Professional Award (current Early Career Professional Award)

    Webinar (Cardiovascular Assessment) — 200+ registrants

    “Toxicology for Industrial and Regulatory Scientists” course
  • 2012

    Carol C. Lemire Unsung Hero Award

    “Study Director Training Course” in India
  • 2013

    ACT joins Scientific Liaison Coalition

    “Practical Application of Toxicology in Drug Development” course co-hosted with British Toxicology Society
  • 2014

    “Advanced Comprehensive Toxicology” course

    North American Graduate Fellowship

    International Travel Grant
  • 2015

    Mentorship Program

    The ACT Endowment
  • 2016

    “Basic Training in Toxicology eLearning Series” co-hosted with British Toxicology Society
  • 2017

    “Practical Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology” course co-hosted with Teratology Society

    ACT ToxChat Podcasts
  • 2018

    Mildred Christian Women’s Leadership in Toxicology Award
  • 2023

    Mehendale Award