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Basic Topics in Toxicology

To further its mission to educate, lead, and serve, the American College of Toxicology is offering a new eLearning Seminar focused on the basic topics in toxicology. Basic Topics consists of nine modules that is aimed to provide a strong foundation for an in-depth understanding of the basic concepts and principles of toxicology, pharmacology, drug metabolism, and pharmacokinetics. These modules feature recorded presentations by recognized experts in the field. Modules are available for purchase as a set. Each module is about 90 minutes or less in duration.

Module 1: Principles of Toxicology
A. Wallace Hayes, PhD
View Module 1 Abstract

Module 2: General Toxicologyy
Lorrene A. Buckley, PhD, DABT, ATS
View Module 2 Abstract

Module 3: Introduction to Pharmacology for the Toxicologist
Amy M. Avila, PhD
View Module 3 Abstract

Module 4: Principles of Drug Metabolism and Toxicokinetics and Applications to Pharmaceutical Toxicology
Debie Hoivik, PhD, DABT
View Module 4 Abstract

Module 5: Safety Pharmacology
Brian Roche, PhD, DSP, DABT
View Module 5 Abstract

Module 6: Genetic Toxicology
Mark Powley, PhD
View Module 6 Abstract

Module 7: Toxicology of Organ Systems
Mary Beth Genter, PhD, DABT, ATS
View Module 7 Abstract

Module 8: Reproductive/Developmental and Juvenile Toxicology
Alan Hoberman, PhD, DABT, ATS
View Module 8 Abstract

Module 9: Carcinogenicity
James Popp, DVM, PhD, DACVP, ATS
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The Basic Topics in Toxicology eLearning Seminar content will only be available until December 31, 2024.

Seminar Set: Modules 1–9

Registrants will have access to the Basic Topics in Toxicology modules 1–9 set. As part of your registration you will have unlimited access to each individual module recording for 30 days. The 30-day access will begin when you access each individual module link. Certificates will be provided for each module. If you have any additional questions, please contact ACT Headquarters.

Registration Fees:

Seminar registration is restricted to single-person use only.

The Basic Topics in Toxicology eLearning Seminar content will only be available until December 31, 2024.

  Set/Modules 1–9
ACT Student/Postdoctoral Researcher Members $175
ACT Members $325
Nonmembers $500