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ACEA Biosciences, Inc.
Booth #413

ACEA Biosciences, Inc. is a pioneer in the development and commercialization of high-performance microelectronic systems for cell-based assays. The xCELLigence RTCA-Cardio System monitors the beating function of cardiomyocytes in real time, providing a high throughput, quantitative and predictive assay system for early detection of cardiac liabilities of drug candidates.

Antech Diagnostics GLP
Booth # 507

Antech Diagnostics GLP offers a full-service Good Laboratory Practice compliant clinical pathology reference laboratory performing hematology, chemistry, urinalysis, coagulation, immunoassays, hormone analysis, and esoteric tests. Antech now offers veterinary clinical trial testing and non-GLP studies.

Booth # 200

BASi provides drug development and specialty instrumentation to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Our mission is to provide high-quality data and time saving instruments that enable safe and effective drugs to reach patients as quickly as possible.

Booth # 206

Battelle provides GLP compliant, nonclinical services to the pharmaceutical industry and government agencies. Our capabilities include safety and efficacy testing; GLP toxicology, pharmacology; pathology; analytical/bioanalytical chemistry; biomarker discovery, method/assay development & validation. Battelle is the world’s largest independent nonprofit research organization, specializing in Life Sciences Research.

BioReliance Corporation
Booth # 412

BioReliance is a leading contract services company in the area of product safety. We specialize in genetic toxicology screening and GLP assays, as well as transgenic mouse carcinogenicity testing. BioReliance has all the experience and expertise needed to design and execute a toxicology testing program to meet your needs.

Biotechnical Services, Inc.
Booth # 113

Biotechnical Services, Inc., (BSI) specializes in contract Quality Assurance and Veterinary Drug Development Services. BSI's Quality Assurance staff includes Registered Quality Assurance Professional in Good Laboratory Practices and Good Clinical Practices. Temporary QA support or full QAU functionality can be arranged on a short- or long-term basis.

Calvert Laboratories
Booth # 306

Calvert is a highly respected and experienced CRO providing a complete spectrum of nonclinical safety studies since 1969 to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries. Services include acute to chronic toxicology, DART studies, general and safety pharmacology, telemetry, immunology, immunotoxicology and pharmacokinetic/ADME. If you are looking for a highly personalized level of flexible, highly communicative and responsive service, then Calvert is your laboratory of choice.

CeeTox, Inc.
Booth # 212

CeeTox leads the field of in vitro safety testing for the pharmaceutical, biotech, personal care, cosmetic, fragrance, cleaning products, and chemical industries. CeeTox has developed a range of in vitro screens in support of regulations such as REACH and the 2009 and 2013 Cosmetics Directive/Regulation.

ChanTest Corporation
Booth # 209

ChanTest provides GLP/non-GLP preclinical safety testing for hERG and other cardiac ion channels, APD testing on stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes, and in vitro and in vivo QT Prolongation Assays. The company offers the largest panel of ion channel targets and has been recognized as “the most trusted services company” in independent surveys.

Charles River
Booth # 406

Charles River is committed to providing exactly what clients need with flexible solutions, accelerated timelines and customized approaches. Our team of scientists, pathologists, veterinarians, and surgeons offer scientific and technical expertise to further your research needs that combine established discovery and preclinical program development. From proof-of-concept studies through to IND filings, our full-service capabilities ensure first-rate management of your drug development timeline.

Booth # 400

CiToxLAB (sites in France, Canada, Denmark, and Hungary) offers a wide range of GLP nonclinical and specialty safety services in large and small molecules. CiToxLAB provides expertise in toxicology (general, infusion, inhalation, ocular, dermal, DART, immunotoxicology, carcinogenicity, transgenic, genetic, in vitro, chemical, agrochemical) and in specialty areas (genomics, safety pharmacology, radiation, DMPK).

CorDynamics Inc.
Booth # 300

CorDynamics is a preclinical contract research laboratory and consulting group focused on examining the cardiovascular effects of emerging drug candidates with an emphasis on quality, affordability, flexibility, and reliability.

Covance, Inc.                                        
Booth # 512

Covance, with headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey, is one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive drug development services companies with annual revenues of approximately $2.2 billion, global operations in more than 30 countries, and more than 11,750 employees worldwide.

CRC Press—Taylor and Francis
Booth # 404

CRC Press—Taylor and Francis Group is a global publisher of journals, print and electronic books for medical, scientific, and technical communities. Visit our booth to browse our new and bestselling publications in toxicology and take advantage of convention discounts of up to 25%. Register for email alerts on the CRC Press website.

CXR Biosciences Ltd.
Booth # 213

CXR Biosciences is a unique CRO combining innovative and standard mechanism-based approached to improve compound development or resolve toxicity issues. We are experts in mechanistic and investigative toxicology and ADME with emphasis on the prediction of animal to human data. Our portfolio includes: toxicogenomics, screening, and mechanistic toxicology protocols.

Booth # 105

Cyprotex is an AIM-listed company (CRX) with headquarters in Macclesfield, UK and laboratories in Watertown, MA, USA (Apredica). The combined company is the leader in predictive toxicology and ADME research, offers several proprietary technologies (CellCiphr, CloePK, gADME™) and prides itself on custom assay development and fast turnaround times.

Data Sciences International
Booth # 201

DSI offers preclinical physiological monitoring solutions for respiratory, CV, and CNS applications involving acute or chronic studies. Products include data collection and analysis systems, hardwired amplifiers, implantable telemetry, infusion pumps, JET external telemetry, gluclose monitoring and respiratory chambers. New offerings include Validation, Surgical and Data Analysis Services. Offices throughout Europe, USA, and Asia provide support and expertise.

Booth # 311

Implantable and Noninvasive telemetry solutions for ECG, cardiovascular, respiratory, and CNS studies. Powerful software to acquire data from emka TECHNOLOGIES, as well as third-party’s hardware devices. In-depth analysis tools, both real-time and offline, with unique database software for study management and organization. Contract data analysis services to help increase study productivity.

EPL, Inc.
Booth # 310

Experimental Pathology Laboratories, Inc. (EPL) is the world’s largest independent provider of GLP-compliant toxicologic pathology services. Since 1971, EPL has provided necropsy and histology support, pathology evaluation and consultation including pathology peer review and organizing Pathology Working Groups (PWG) for industry and government clients. We are able to customize our services to meet our clients’ specific scientific, regulatory, and management objectives.

Booth # 301

Experimur is a full-service CRO with extensive capabilities in the conduct of preclinical toxicology studies. Place your programs with Experimur and experience the superiority of a team skilled with decades of expertise, top quality and unmatched service. We invite you to visit our spectacular custom-built, AAALAC-accredited, USDA-registered, 54,000 sq ft state-of-the-art facility and vivarium, which includes extensive in-house support services for histology, diagnostic pathology, clinical pathology, and analytical chemistry.

Harlan Laboratories Ltd.
Booth # 508

Harlan Contract Research Services (CRS) is a global provider of nonclinical contract research and services to the pharmaceutical biotech, medical device, agrochemical and chemical industries, including academic and government organizations. We focus on providing customers with products and services to optimize the discovery and safety of new medicines and compounds.

Histo-Scientific Research Laboratories
Booth # 210

Histo-Scientific Research Laboratories’ (HSRLs) necropsy, histology, pathology, and archiving services are known for expertise, quality and efficiency. We support GLP studies in a responsive and cost-effective manner. Necropsy services are provided at your facility. Our board-certified pathologists have extensive experience. HSRL Archives offers ambient, refrigerated and frozen storage. Call 540.477.4440 or visit the HSRL website.

HistoTox Labs, Inc.
Booth # 305

HistoTox Labs is a GLP-compliant histopathology lab offering routine and specialized histology, pathology and immunohistochemistry services.

Huntingdon Life Sciences
Booth # 204

Huntingdon Life Sciences provides nonclinical and integrated development services to support the development of Pharmaceuticals, Biologics, Agrochemicals, and Industrial Chemicals. Our services include: Toxicology, DART, Safety Pharmacology, DMPK, Genetic Toxicology, Immunoassay, Bioanalytical, GMP (Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical) Analytical Services, Cell-based Assays, Flow Cytometry, Regulatory Affairs, and Environmental Risk Assessment.

IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.

IDEXX BioResearch delivers research analyzers and analytical testing services for laboratory animals to the global biomedical research community. Our animal health monitoring, genetic testing, preclinical research services and cell-line quality assurance simplify your ability to conduct quality research.

Ionic Transport Assays
Booth # 115

Ionic Transport Assays performs manual ion channel assays on adult human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell-derived cardiomyocytes to evaluate the effects of new drugs.We understand the challenges of drug development and provide the individual attention each customer deserves, saving our clients money and time to make better, safer drugs.

IIT Research Institute
Booth # 111

IIT Research Institute (IITRI) brings together the best of both worlds with the comprehensive, service offering of a large CRO and the personalized collaborations of a small CRO. Specialties include GLP toxicology and safety testing to support IND submissions, cancer drug discovery and development, inhalation toxicology, and efficacy and safety testing of vaccines and anti-infective drugs.

ITR Laboratories Canada Inc.
Booth # 208

ITR Laboratories, a midsized global CRO, provides a comprehensive array of nonclinical services for the biopharmaceutical industry in support of IND and later-stage regulatory submissions. ITR offers GLP and non-GLP studies in general, inhalation, infusion, genetic and reproductive toxicology, carcinogenicity, and safety pharmacology that are compliant with current international guidelines

KCAS Bioanalytical Services
Booth # 510

At KCAS we know bioanalysis. Our strength is our ability to support your drug development program from non-GLP research through NDA. For more than 30 years our boutique lab has provided a full-spectrum of bioanalytical services, including small molecule analysis, large molecule PK and immunogenicity analysis and predictive toxicology biomarker analysis. Please visit kcasbio.com to learn more about KCAS and how we can support your toxicology program.

Leadscope, Inc.
Booth # 207

Leadscope licenses high-quality toxicity databases and QSAR models developed through our RCA with the US FDA. The databases and models allow scientists to predict the potential toxicity of pharmaceuticals (including impurities). Leadscope’s Genetox QSAR Suite meets the requirements of ICH M7 draft guidance on testing of impurities using statistical models.

Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute
Booth # 506

Equipped with a broad range of technical expertise and a wealth of research capabilities, LRRI studies respiratory health issues of concern to scientists and health care experts in universities, government, industry and patient advocacy groups. The Institute readily opens its unique research facilities to university, government and private collaborators.

Marshall BioResources
Booth # 314

Marshall BioResources provides quality, purpose-bred animals for biomedical research. We supply Marshall Beagles, ferrets, and mixed-breed mongrels and hounds globally. We are also the exclusive North American source of Gottingen Minipigs. Please visit us to discuss your nonrodent animal needs.

Metanomics Health—BASF
Booth # 408

Metanomics Health, a BASF Group company, offers robust targeted and nontargeted comprehensive metabolite profiling services (metabolomics) to healthcare customers. For drug safety assessment, we created MetaMapTox, a unique database of validated reference metabolite patterns corresponding to specific mechanism of action of toxicities in rat plasma. The platform covers 17 organs and 46 different MoAs.

Millar, Inc.
Booth # 211

Millar provides innovative physiologic monitoring solutions that offer greater insight, advancing scientific discovery and medical diagnosis. Their telemetry, pressure, and pressure-volume systems deliver highly accurate data for complete hemodynamic assessment. Their telemetry system is fully implantable, enables in vivo recharging, and records LVP, dP/dt, ECG, EMG, BP, and tissue oxygen data.

MPI Research
Booth # 505

MPI Research is a preclinical and early clinical CRO that provides discovery, surgery, safety evaluation, bioanalytical, and analytical services. We exceed expectations through consistency and quality, with a commitment to communication and innovation, delivering benefits throughout all phases of development. Learn how we can go beyond for you at www.mpiresearch.com.

MultiCASE Inc.
Booth # 511

MultiCASE provides powerful software and QSAR models developed through Research Collaboration (RCA) with the US FDA. Our software/models packages help scientists to assess the potential toxicity of pharmaceuticals, impurities, degradants and metabolites, complying with the ICH M7 Step 2 guideline on testing of impurities using statistical-based QSAR methodology.

NeuroScience Associates, Inc.
Booth # 500

NeuroScience Associates (NSA) provides mass production neurohistology services for safety and R&D studies. NSA specializes in design and execution of safety studies including GLP certifications, low-cost R&D safety screens and evaluations. NSA also provides histology services for R&D including traditional histology staining, immunohistochemistry and a variety of proprietary staining offerings.

NextGen Pharma Technologies
Booth 409

NextGen Pharma Technologies is a Contract Sales Organization representing unique CROs and technology platforms worldwide. NextGen provides discovery/development solutions by matching the needs of pharmaceutical and biotech clients with service providers. NextGen’s client companies have solid reputations for being collaborative, responsive, and innovative, while providing shorter lead and turn around times.

Optivia Biotechnology
Booth # 109

Optivia Biotechnology offers a suite of in vitro transporter assay services to assist drug development companies discover and design better drugs with improved therapeutic responses and safety profiles. Our clients and collaborators include pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, research institutions and government agencies.

OtoScience Labs
Booth # 503

OtoScience Labs specializes in providing comprehensive preclinical contract research and consulting services related to ototoxicity. Our patented OtoCentrix technology helps streamline drug development and safety assessment by rapidly screening rodent models for hearing loss and tinnitus, helping to more efficiently identify toxicity by using the ear as a sentinel system.

Pacific BioLabs
Booth # 203

Pacific BioLabs offers GMP/GLP-testing services to pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries. PBL specializes in regulatory toxicology supporting US FDA and US EPA submissions including GLP toxicology, radiolabeled ADME, PK, and bioanalytical. Pacific BioLabs is located in the San Francisco area and is AAALAC-accredited, ISO 9001:2008, and ISO 13485:2003 certified.

PharmaLegacy Laboratories Co., Ltd.
Booth # 410

PharmaLegacy is a preclinical specialty CRO that has strong track records in services to worldwide companies committing R&D in therapeutics for Bone Metabolism/Orthopedics, Tissue Engineering, Inflammation/Autoimmune diseases, Liver diseases, and Tumor. They provide quality, timely and cost saving execution for experiments under GLP operation and AAALAC certification.

PDS PreClinical Data Systems Inc.
Booth # 202
PDS has been helping accelerate drug development efforts with global clients in the Pharma, CRO, Biotech, and Regulatory fields for over 33 years. With the Gold Standard in preclinical information systems, our PathData© and ToxData Preclinical Suite of solutions will lower your development costs, reduce your study time lines, and improve quality. Stop by for a discussion on our TranSend Solution.

PreClinical Research Services
Booth # 414

PCRS offers GLP and non-GLP services to support pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, and toxicology studies, vascular, and surgical models. Our expertise with purpose-bred small and large animal species allows us to efficiently support drug and medical device development. We provide rapid startup times and turnaround to manage our clients’ needs.

Product Safety Labs
Booth # 313

For over 35 years PSL has been providing toxicological research, analytical chemistry and other testing services. PSL is able to assist their clients by providing data to support a variety of needs, including custom designed studies, product and discovery development, preclinical safety evaluations, product stewardship, regulatory compliances and risk assessment.

ReproCELL, Inc
Booth 407

ReproCell is a world leading provider of human iPSC derived functional cells and cell culture reagents. The current product line includes human iPSC derived cardiomyocytes, neurons and hepatocytes. ReproCell’s iPSC products and services can be customized to fit your needs using diseased patient tissue or through genetic engineering.

Ricerca Biosciences
Booth # 215

Ricerca offers a comprehensive suite of integrated nonclinical services to support drug candidate selection and development from discovery to global market submission. Specialties include discovery support in DMPK, early toxicology screening, GLP regulatory drug safety and metabolism assessments. Our scientific experience includes small molecule and biologics development, using standard animal models.

Booth # 214

SAGE is a leading international publisher of journals, books, and electronic media for academic, educational, and professional markets. Since 1965, SAGE has helped educate a global community spanning a wide range of subject areas including business, humanities, social sciences, and science, technology, and medicine.

SAI Infusion Technologies
Booth # 312

SAI Infusion Technologies designs and manufactures systems and components for preclinical infusion and sampling. SAI surgeons and scientists provide onsite comprehensive training for all of our systems including: Wireless-infusion management software (Axios), pumps, harnesses, access ports, jackets, swivels, catheters, and virtually everything else used in research involving infusion or sampling.

Seventh Wave
Booth # 303

Seventh Wave is a laboratory with the strength and flexibility to maximize your lead development initiatives. We are uniquely qualified to provide you with the scientific expertise you demand and the advice and counsel your project deserves. Our highly collaborative approach means a close working relationship with you, and a measure of flexibility and responsiveness not found with other CRO’s.

Simulations Plus, Inc.
Booth #403

Simulations Plus is the industry leader in simulation and modeling software and consulting services for pharmaceutical research. Our ADMET Design Suite—ADMET Predictor, MedChem Studio, and MedChem Designer—provides an unprecedented capability to data mine compound libraries, quickly design new molecules, and see how changes in structures affect over 130 ADME-Tox properties.

Sinclair BioResources
Booth # 402

Sinclair BioResources is an AAALAC-accredited, USDA-inspected miniature swine producer offering four lineages: Yucatan, Micro Yucatan, Hanford, and Sinclair. Sinclair is experienced in preshipping alterations including surgical alterations, preconditioning, and diabetes induction. Sinclair also has a thorough socialization program resulting in the most docile, easy-to-work with miniature swine available. Contact us with technical questions and experience our industry leading client service.

Sinclair Research Center
Booth # 103

Toxicology, DMPK, and Efficacy studies in 16 species including NHP, acute-chronic, IND enabling studies. TK/PK/ADME with nonradiolabeled compounds. Specialists in dermal, wound healing, ocular, and juvenile toxicology studies. Surgical Services: orthopedic, wound healing, vascular/GI access cannulas in large animals, and many pharmacology models. Animal Models: Type I/II diabetes, inflammation, ocular, dyslipidemia, obesity, osteoporosis, transdermal delivery, melanoma, cardiovascular.

Smithers Avanza
Booth # 307

Smithers Avanza is a contract research organization known for superior quality, on-time delivery, flexibility, and responsiveness. At our GLP, cGMP, and AAALAC accredited facilities, our scientists have multi-disciplinary expertise which includes toxicology, small and large molecule bioanalysis, vaccine testing, analytical method development, formulation services, as well as storage stability testing.

Booth # 308

SNBL USA offers a unique range of safety assessment services. Renowned for its extensive NHP experience and expertise, we facilitate programs ranging from regulatory toxicology to customized study designs. SNBL USA can assure a quick study start with its in house colony and state-of-the-art facility that can house nearly 4,000 NHPs.

Solomon Scientific
Booth # 205

Orchesta™ Automated Infusion comprises of infusion pumps, wireless network cards, and GLP +Part 11 compatible software. Orchesta™ reduces labor costs and improves dose delivery and data accuracy in large and small animal infusion studies.

Southern Research Institute
Booth # 304

Southern Research Institute is a preclinical contract research organization with over 50 years experience. Services include efficacy testing (especially anticancer and anti-infective drugs supported by BSL-3 facilities and imaging capabilities) and a complete range of safety testing, including reproductive toxicology, with extensive bioanalytical, PCR, and anatomic/clinical pathology facilities.

Booth # 501

STILLMEADOW, Inc. is a CRO founded in 1975. Their areas of expertise are toxicology, chemistry, microbiology (MPCA) biopesticides, animal health, entomology, and aquatic testing.

Texas Biomedical Research Institute                      
Booth # 411

Texas Biomedical Research Institute is dedicated to advancing human health through basic biomedical research with animal and human populations by characterizing the genetic components of susceptibility to common diseases of public health importance. Located in San Antonio, it is the home of the Southwest National Primate Research Center.

ToxStrategies, Inc.
Booth # 509

ToxStrategies is a multidisciplinary scientific consulting firm that strives to develop innovative solutions to address the scientific, technical, and regulatory challenges confronting our clients. We provide technical services in biopharmaceuticals/pharmaceuticals, computational analyses and modeling, food and supplement safety, environmental science, exposure assessment, product safety, risk assessment, and toxicology.

Booth # 107

Trevigen is a long-standing provider of quality kits and reagents for investigating DNA Damage and Repair, Apoptosis, Oxidative Stress, and Cancer Cell Behavior. In order to meet the growing need in drug development and pharmaceutical research for more physiological-like cancer models, Trevigen has developed 3D Spheroid Invasion and Proliferation Assays as well as tumor-microenvironment matrices for in vivo and in vitro uses.

TSE Systems, Inc.
Booth # 513

TSE Systems develops, manufactures and markets sophisticated life science research instrumentation for preclinical cardiovascular, behavioral, metabolic, physiological, and toxicological research since 1886.
Featured product: STELLAR TELEMETRY next generation implantable telemetry (Pressure, Biopotentials (ECG/EEG/EMG/EOG), Activity, Temperature). NO receiver platforms needed. Unlimited options in research protocol setups with single/group housed animals monitored with only one receiver.

Vanta Bioscience
Booth # 504

Vanta Bioscience is an OECD GLP & AAALAC-accredited toxicology contract research organization with research laboratories in Chennai, India. Promoted by a major US corporation and managed by industry veterans and experts, Vanta Bioscience offers safety assessment services for clientele in the chemical agro-chemical pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, cosmetics and feed additives. Complying with OECD GLP, ISO, AAALAC, and US FDA GLP (21 CFR Part 58) guidelines, Vanta Bioscience has been established as a center of excellence for OECD GLP toxicology services.

VetPath Services
Booth # 309

VetPath Services (VPS) is a GLP-compliant corporation providing contract pathology services (anatomic, clinical, and peer review), histology services (paraffin and plastic), and pathology specimen archiving services. VPS employs nine highly-experienced board-certified (ACVP) pathologists, supporting standard toxicology, transgenic, and target animal safety studies. VPS supports clients in North America, Asia, and Europe.

vivoPharm LLC
Booth # 415

vivoPharm, a successful, fast-growing CRO providing integrated preclinical services, supporting projects from early compound selections completing with a comprehensive set of in vitro and in vivo data. Studies can be conducted in GLP compliant, audited facilities. vivoPharm guarantees short turnaround, consistency, transparency, flexibility, and regular updates.

VxP Pharma
Booth # 405

VxP Pharma provides in vivo and in vitro preclinical safety studies, including DART, for animal models from rodents to livestock for pharmaceutical and medical devices. We offer in-house histopathology, hematology, and tissue culturing. We have conducted multiple IND and NDA enabling studies for US FDA submissions (Audited 2012) and global regulatory authorities.

WIL Research
Booth # 101

WIL Research is a global CRO dedicated to listening to customer needs. They custom design product safety toxicological research, bioanalytical, and formulation services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, agrochemical, and food companies. With approximately 900 scientific, technical, and support personnel located throughout the world, WIL Research offers technological expertise, flexible study design, and quality results.

WuXi AppTec (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
Booth # 302

WuXi AppTec (Suzhou) Co., Ltd partners with our customers to provide a wide range of IND/NDA enabling toxicology and laboratory services that meet global regulatory standards. As part of our integrated portfolio offering, our preclinical services are designed to shorten the time and lower the cost of drug and medical device R&D.

Xenometrics, LLC
Booth # 315

Xenometrics, LLC, of Stilwell, Kansas, is a GLP-compliant, USDA registered, AAALAC-accredited CRO, providing study services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, companion animal health, and industrial- and agro-chemical industries. Xenometrics’ study services include: DMPK studies, general toxicology studies, safety pharmacology studies, and development and reproductive toxicology studies.