Housing Accommodations

The JW Marriott Austin will cancel all ACT guest room reservations made within the official ACT hotel blocks. You should have already received a cancellation email directly from the JW Marriott Austin. If you did not receive a cancellation email or if you need a copy of your cancellation folio, please contact Sunshine Citko, Group Housing Manager at the JW Marriott Austin, or call 512.608.4175 for assistance and to ensure you are not charged a no-show fee. If you would like to keep your reservation, please contact the JW Marriot Austin by calling 1.844.473.3959.

If you did not book your housing reservation though the ACT official hotel blocks you will need to contact the JW Marriott Austin, or the hotel you booked with, directly you to cancel your reservation. ACT is not responsible for any hotel reservations made outside the hotel block or at other hotels in Austin.

You may also reach out to ACT Headquarters for assistance.